Capacity Building & Engagement

  • The Parent Teacher Home Visit (PTHV) initiative is in the process of getting memorandums of understanding (MOU’s) set up to initiate family visits with each CommPACT school that wants to do this. We will be working with the third grade at John Barry Elementary School in Meriden, the 6th grade at West Side Middle School in Waterbury, with bilingual student families at Bassick High School in Bridgeport and training is scheduled to begin in February at Robert J. O'Brien STEM Academy. CommPACT will provide support for the home visits, professional development training, the districts will provide data for assessments of impact on grades, attendance and behaviors and there will be a research study looking at impact and enhanced cultural understanding for the staff engaged.
  • Several parents and teachers from our CommPACT schools spoke as panelists at a January 9th state-wide Community Conversation sponsored by CEA. It included workshops, panels and speakers all looking at how to align community organizing, parent voices, policy makers and educational advocacy for early childhood education. Jocelyn Ault, CommPACT Family and Community Engagement Specialist, served on the day’s wrap up panel, looking at next steps.
  • Bassick Teacher, Vernon Thompson was a panelist and participated in the Community Schools workshop. This additional information will help support his work in helping Bassick High School move to a community school model, which is a focus of our CommPACT work this semester.
  • Jocelyn Ault has become engaged with the CT initiative of the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools, known as AROS - This initiative is supported by the CEA/NEA as well as by AFT-CT. They are meeting to increase collective impact of the many groups who are dedicated to making sure that quality education is available to all students. She is joining their community school workgroup.
  • Conversations have started to align all the Parent Teacher Home Visit programs across the state so we capitalize on the strengths of our cohorts, efficiencies of scale and shared learning. A research component focused on teachers’ perceptions (pre and post visits) will be an integral part of the visits.
  • CommPACT is continually capacity building and providing professional development across all the supported schools.We sponsored the attendance of a multi-talented team of 19 from our schools at the National Family and Community Engagement Conference in June. Last year’s group has made great strides in our schools and effectively brought back ideas they have implemented. This year’s conference is designed to support all those committed to high impact, evidence-based family and community engagement strategies. They will be exposed to best practices and in-depth exploration that links what we know works from research with successful approaches in a variety of school and community contexts.

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